Monday, June 05, 2006

'Constitutional Monarchy' is the Best Form of Government

According to a study made by PLCPD (a Congress-based think-tank), the 'constitutional monarchy' form of government is the most successful type of government. PLCPD based their conclusions using economic performance, human development, world competitiveness and corruption perception index. (Read PLCPD report here)

So, following the logic of ConstiAm proponents, we should therefore adopt the constitutional monarchy type of government because empirical data shows that it is the most superior among all forms of government in the world. I don't see why we should settle for less -- sagarin na natin! What do you think?


Jay Javines said...

Hala Bira!

Assuming arguendo, it is legally feasible,the problem is, where will we start?

If we jump-start it, what should be the parameters?

And just for the sake of saying something :

1) Enough na ba na may royal blood si Juan? Or
2) We could elect him first as the King as well as the Annointed One and let him be the source of the "dugong bughaw" for the next generations to come? Or

3) By simply showing to everyone that the color of his blood is,not red,but blue?

Well, If everyone could dye their hair blue, I could also do the same, not to my hair, but to my own blood,too. hehehehe

taga ilog said...

Just wondering why Ilonggos and the people of Negros agreed to partition the Negros Is. into East and West during the Spanish times?
According to the history of Negros Oriental in wikipedia, the island was divided thru royal decree.

So what does "royal decree" stands for you with respect to the present-day royalty(kuno) in the Ilonggo world?

Last October 2005,Negros was featured in the column section of Inquirer, and ask the author about history of "Negros" and where it came from.
According to the author, the Spaniards called it as "La Isla de los Pintados".

I am confused why "SUGBUPHONE" of Negros Island have their loyalty to the East side instead of the west???

Jala vira!purja fasma!