Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ambition, Destiny, Victory

I just finished reading Chay Hofilena and Gigi Go's new book entitled "AMBITION, DESTINY, VICTORY: Stories from a Presidential Election." Right off, I highly recommend it to all those interested to read about Philippine elections and politics in general, and the book is written is such an easy-to-read and entertaining style that I finished reading all of it in just one sitting.

"AMBITION, DESTINY, VICTORY" offers an insider's look into the presidential campaigns of Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar, Erap Estrada and Gibo Teodoro - i.e. the key "movers and shakers" and the internal dynamics in the campaign headquarters of the four candidates. The book also had two "side stories" on vice presidential candidates Mar Roxas and Jojo Binay (which I found to be the most interesting read) explaining how Binay achieved his dramatic come-from-behind victory over Roxas.