Friday, October 03, 2008

Ultimate Boracay High

I have been going to Boracay since the late 1980s back when Tirol & Tirol was still considered the best lodging inn and the Beachcomber was the most "happening" place on the island. It used to be that the only activities you can do in Boracay were swimming, snorkeling, biking and renting a banca to go "feed-the-fish." Now, there are a myriad offerings to suit all the needs and tastes of all kinds of people. Today one can go parasailing, shopping, scuba diving, banana boat riding, etc. - and repeat vacationers usually are looking for more new "Boracay adventures" to tell their officemates in Makati or Ortigas. So for all those looking for a new adventure in Boracay, I suggest you get the ultimate high: a 30-minute joyride in a chopper! Yes folks, there are now helicopters available for rent in Boracay!

That's nearby Carabao island, the next Boracay.