Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ghana Defeats U.S.A, 2-1

This is one for the record books: Ghana, a poor third-world country in Africa, defeated the American team in the World Cup 2006. With their victory at Nuremberg, Ghana is ensured a spot in the last 16 matches of the Cup. Looks like the U.S. Team is going home early.

The American Dream is Over!
The first of two goals scored by
Team Ghana.

Ghanaian players hug after their surprising
victory against the U.S. team. (Photos courtesy of BBC)

Ghana will next face the powerhouse team of Brazil. Will the tough Africans be able to score an upset again? For more World Cup updates, visit this site.

1 comment:

HILLBLOGGER & Hillblogger2 said...

I am truly happy that Ghana beat the US.

To me, a small and poor country that can produce first class athletes are a first class nation!

Bravo for Ghana!