Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush & Blair Caught on CNN "Candid Camera"

For almost a week now, war has broken out between Israel and Lebanon. Reading today's newspapers, what struck me most was not that fighting erupted between the two nations (Jerusalem and Beirut have been at it for decades already) but the fact that Lebanese nationals can still afford to hire Filipino domestic workers. Despite being constantly torn by war and strife, Lebanon's economy has remained strong or at least strong enough for its citizens to afford to hire foreign domestic helpers. And I did not expect that so many of our countrymen are working in Lebanon. According to news reports, there are approximately 30,000 OFWs in Lebanon.

Anyway, I want to share with you this hilarious video featuring Bush and Blair in an unguarded moment talking candidly about the Lebanon-Israel problem - a dramatically accurate depiction of how the US-UK "special relationship" works. This must be every politicians' nightmare: for their off-the-cuff comments to be caught by TV cameras. The Bush/Blair "candid camera" disaster reminds me of Senator Avelino and his classic "what are we in power for?" line which effectively sealed his political career in the Philippines. It is good Bush is no longer running for reelection. I could not wait to watch how Jay Leno and David Letterman will play this latest blooper by President Bush. As a PR practitioner, I am also interested to see how White House spindoctors will handle this crisis. So far, all the White House spokesperson can offer is a "no comment" comment.

The video only confirms my suspicions na si Bush at si Blair lang ang nag-uusap when it comes to deciding important world affairs. Parang nagmukhang tanga tuloy ang ibang G8 leaders na andun din sa St. Petersburg conference.


Anonymous said...

at least their trying to do something. unlike kofi annan who seem clueless and senile. all he can say is 'ceasefire' without considering what hezbollah and israel really want.

Iloilo City Boy said...

Hey, that's a very good PR piece for Bush! "At least, I'm thinking of doing something about the problem." Why don't you suggest it to the White House spokesperson? They seem at a loss on how to spin this one..

anonymous too said...

Ang pinagkaiba nila Bush,Blair at Annan ay kutis at balat lang.
Si George at si Tony meron na yan mga anan, pero si Kofi ay wala pa!

Nailatha sa isang international magazines na kapag walang ginawa ang mga world leaders sa Africa, darating ang panahon na nagkalat ang mga Aprikano sa buong mundo.
It's a racist mentality diba?


Hindi ba't ganito rin ang mga Muslim sa Europe, mga refugee din!

Ang mga world leaders na binanggit ko sa itaas ay hindi magandang ehemplo para mahalin humanity.

Ayon sa mga pro western media, ito raw si Koffi Annan ay naging instrumento sa Cedar Revolution ng Lebanon noong nakaraang taon.
Totoo nga na may pinapanigan ang UN!Bwiset!