Sunday, July 09, 2006

Photos of Iloilo during the American Commonwealth Period (1899-1945)

Here are some old photos of Iloilo during the American Commonwealth era which I downloaded from this site.

An Ilonggo and his cock

Ilonggos are avid cockfighters, even today.

Muelle Loney port, the center of the lucrative sugar import trade. Locally-made ships called Cascos (or Batels) were used to transport muscovado sugar from neighboring sugar-producing provinces of Antique, Negros and Capiz to Iloilo City.

Calle Iznart, Iloilo City (circa 1916). Iznart Street is a major commercial center in Iloilo.

Oton Church (circa 1918) located in the neighboring municipality of Oton, Iloilo.

Sinamay weavers in Iloilo. Weaving was a thriving cottage industry in the province until cheap imported linen from Liverpool flooded local markets, effectively killing the indigenous Sinamay industry.

The old municipal hall of Arevalo, the first capital of Iloilo province. Arevalo was the site of the first Spanish settlement in Panay. The capital was later transferred to Iloilo City when Moro pirates sacked Arevalo.

A typical village in Iloilo (circa 1918).

Filipino insurgents in prison (Philippine-American War 1899-1907)

Slain Filipino revolutionaries of the Philippine-American War.

More dead rebels.

Old Mandurriao road, Mandurriao, Iloilo City (circa 1920).

Old Molo road. Molo district was known as the "Parian of Iloilo" because all Chinese immigrants (Sangleys) were then quartered there.


mlq3 said...

Commonwealth was 1935-1946, as the autonomous period in preparation for independence.

The american era is what came before.

Anonymous said...

Eh ano naman ang tawag sa period ng July 4,1946 to September 16,1991?
Matatawag ko na Hollywood era ang 1992 to present.
Sa anong panahon ba dapat na itawag ang P-B-A(Politics-Bolahan-Artista)?

Isko Lampiraw said...

yes something is wrong....the arevalo is pre government hall is pre american.