Saturday, July 29, 2006

Puppy-Naming Contest

About two months ago, my dachshund Jackie gave birth to this cute fellow here. Since we still could not come up with a good name for the puppy, I thought of soliciting suitable names from fellow bloggers. The puppy is male and is just beginning to learn to walk. He is a product of an incestuous relationship between Jackie and Bruno (who are brother and sister). We initially thought Bruno could not impregnate Jackie because he only has one scrotum (a birth defect). Now we learned our lesson: a dog with only one ball is still deadly.

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Jay Tan said...

some suggestions:
1. Scotch - The pup's color remind's me of iloilo's butterscotch delicacies.

2. Thumpy - i dunno, i just thought of it.

3. Siopao - Its a funny name, its cute but not feminine..

4. Budoy - Dogs are by nature, rascals, undisciplined, carefree, playful and fun to be with. The name has nothing to do with Budoy, he of the PBB fame. The name itself conjures the above named characteristics. Or you can name the fellow 'bugoy'.

5. Dach - Short for Dachshund. Got a nice ring to it too. Dach....sounds me at least.

6. Dusty - Again, it has something to do with the color.

7. Dusky - is the color that i am basing this name on for the nth time.

8. Booble - well...its a cute name...and dachshunds are cute.

9. Squiggle - Same reason as above.

10. Shadow - My pet's name. I don't mind that some other doggie would have the same name.

11. Shund - shortcut for dachshund. Sounds very German.

12. Cestus - At first, when i saw the pup's pict, what got my attention was its baldy head and beady eyes...kinda reminded me of festus - of the Adam's Family movie. But eventually, cestus kinda rhymes with incestuous...its a naughty name...but the pup was the product of it. Pun intended.

balikbayan_box said...

hmmm ill list some name of our male dogs before.

1. braddock
2. bisdak
3. astig

Iloilo City Boy said...

Thank you for your suggestions.

sdtivd said...

bang-aw would be nice

pati aso colonial!