Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Guimaras Appeals for Help

Governor Rahman Nava is appealing to all people to help his island-province. A medical doctor before entering poltics, Nava is on his third/last term as Governor and is a Liberal Party member. Most Filipinos might remember him as the bemoustachioed guy crying on TV last week. Please visit this website for more details on how you can help.


Jules said...

It is ironic that at this point of time where there is still a slim window of opportunity to take that leaking oil tanker off from the waters of Guimaras, Petron is delaying its obligations to clean up its act. As a consumer, I am disgusted at the company’s seeming insensitivity towards the environment, and how it washes its hands of any responsibility.

I wanted to help in letting Petron feel my displeasure, but I felt helpless in making a dent at the company. But then, I remembered how Gandhi evoked change through civil disobedience wherein he urged ordinary people to boycott English cotton which resulted in hurting of the sales of foreign business and the eventual attention of the British government.To evoke change is to provoke Petron where it hurts them the most: their pockets. In this regard, I urge all petrol-consuming Filipinos to BOYCOTT ALL PETRON PRODUCTS AND GAS STATIONS until they remove that ship from the Guimaras waters. I’m doing my share of protest in the hope that they will listen to the voice of its consumers.

Iloilo City Boy said...

Thanks for dropping by Jules. I myself have always been using Shell.