Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pinoy Big Brother - Political Edition

I am not a fan of the TV reality show "Pinoy Big Brother." Frankly, I cannot see the entertainment value of watching grown-ups acting like children. I tried watching the pilot show which featured Sam Milby and the other one with Rustom "Paru-Parong Bukid" Padilla and Keanna "I am the Weiner!" Reeves but soon lost interest since they really did not have anything interesting to say and their mundane conversations bordered on idiocy.

But when ABS CBN featured the "Pinoy Big Brother-Teen Edition," I became hooked. For one, it is easier to watch kids who act their age I guess simply because hindi pilit at hindi nakakainis. I also wanted to gain some insights on how the youth see the world, what their problems and aspirations are, how they deal with relationships and how they generally feel about their future. Kim Chiu really deserved to win and I hope that her showbiz "career" will last (Do I sound like Mario Dumawal already?).

Since the Teen Edition has already ended, the guys over at ABS CBN must be wracking their brains in coming up with the next Pinoy Big Brother theme. Well, they need not look further for I have an idea that will surely raise their TV ratings to the roof.

My idea is: why not produce a Pinoy Big Brother that will feature real-life Filipino politicians? The "contestants" will be the following: 1.) a Senator, 2.) a Congressman, 3.) a Governor, 4.) a Mayor, 5.) a Cabinet Secretary, 6.) a Police General and 7.) an Activist/Youth Leader. Following the reality-TV format, a camera crew will follow the seven government officials 24/7 for a year. The grand prize: the Presidency of the Philippines and more importantly, the adulation of our people.

I am sure our people will be very interested to watch the show. And by allowing our people to take a peek into the every-day lives of our leaders, I believe that it will "humanize" and change how people view our much-maligned government officials. Of course, it will be a major challenge for ABS CBN producers to find politicians willing to become "contestants." But I am sure there are lots of politicians out there who will do everything for media mileage, not to mention becoming President of the Philippines. The only big problem I foresee is that no one might qualify for the finals because they would all have committed something illegal in the course of the one-year timeframe for the show.


Dominique said...

Hi, Oli,

I was always under the impression that Big Brother was 'lutong makaw' and that the results were rigged by the execs.

Ah-hmmm...okay...nothing new there...


Iloilo City Boy said...

Pati ba naman PBB dadayain pa din nila? Wag na lang if that's the case...

Anonymous said...


first, i like your thoughts about PBB Politicians Edition..nakakatawa ang imaginary set-up ng edition mo. But you're right na maaring magbago ang pagtingin ng ating mamayan sa mga political leaders natin but again there are two sided effect yun, i wish for better.

Good luck sa writing ability mo, malayo pa mararating mo.

Keep up.
The Observer