Friday, September 29, 2006

The Millenium Storm

Living up to its name, Typhoon Milenyo (international name: Xangsane) wreaked havoc and caused tremendous damage in the country yesterday (read more here). Billed as the strongest typhoon to hit Metro Manila in 11 years, Typhoon Milenyo caused the following:

• Suspension of classes in all levels in Metro Manila today and yesterday

• Suspension of work in all government offices (except those line agencies engaged in disaster rescue/emergency work) today and yesterday

• Killed at least 18 persons

• Blackouts

• Thousands of trees felled

• Billboards and lampposts torn down

• Trucks and cars overturned

• Flooding and landslides

• Thousands stranded

• Flights and sea travel canceled

• Overhead trains systems LRT and MRT stopped

• Trading on stock and currency markets suspended

In Western Visayas, Typhoon Milenyo killed 5 and displaced 31,000 persons. In Antique province, around 100 persons living near the rivers of Sitio Kamunsil, Brgy. San Antonio, Barbaza town were trapped inside their houses due to floods caused by heavy rains (read more here and here). Three people there were killed — a drunken man who fell into a river, a nine-year-old boy and an electrician — said Antique Provincial Legal Officer Eduardo Fortaleza (read here). Fortaleza said rescue workers already evacuated the 100 residents who were trapped in Barbaza yesterday.

In other news, 16 out of the 19 nursing school deans in Western Visayas oppose the President's order for a retake of the June 2006 Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE). According to Ma. Luisa ParreƱas, President of the Association of Nursing Deans in Region 6, a retake would mean additional expenses amounting to P40,000 for each nursing student and that it would be unfair for those who did not cheat in the exams. About 42,000 students took the June NLE and around 17,000 passed. In Western Visayas 2,424 students took the exams and 1,256 passed, Lily Ann Baldago, Professional Regulation Commission regional director, said.


mong said...

sabi ng isang new nurse yung cost din ng review fees dahil mag-aaral ulit sila before the exam. maganda statement ni sen recto na dapat exempted yung mga nurses sa visayas-mindanao at iba pang parts ng luzon

Iloilo City Boy said...

Yes I agree with Sen. Recto. And besides, what guarantee do the exam takers have that there will be no cheating this time around? Pag nag-retake na sila and suddenly meron na naman allegations of leakage, are they going to be asked to take the nursing exam again?