Friday, October 13, 2006

Aswangs to Fly Again in Capiz

The province of Capiz is once again scheduled to hold its controversial Aswang Festival on October 27 to 28 (Read more here). Despite opposition from local Catholic Church groups (on grounds that it promotes witchcraft, supersititious practices and heretical beliefs), organizers of the Aswang Festival said they are committed to make the event a success.

Meanwhile, police authorities are still conducting hot pursuit operations against the Silay Airport NPA Raiders in Negros Occidental (read here). The Senate has passed the Biofuels Bill yesterday. With its passage, Bukidnon Congressman Migs Zubiri was quick to issue a press statement crowing about how sugar-producing provinces like Negros Occidental and Bukidnon can look forward to a bountiful future (read more here). But given the limited time before Congress adjourns for the elections, it remains to be seen if the proponents can manage to tweak it through the legislative mill.

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Stella Arnaldo said...

I'm a certified aswang and I'm proud of it!