Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Gunfight at OK Corral

Three cops engaged in a "drawing" match in Dueñas town, Iloilo over the weekend. Police Officer 3 (PO3) Jose Diestro, the ranking officer and detachment commander, was said to have been challenged to a "duel" by his subordinates PO3 Ronilo Dequito and PO1 Lemuel Paparon whom he earlier scolded for drinking while on duty. When the smoke cleared, the two lesser-ranking cops laid dead and the "victorious" PO3 Diestro fled the scene of the gunfight (read more here and here). Claiming self-defense, he later surrendered to authorities.

Reports say that when Dequito attempted to draw his .45 caliber service firearm, PO3 Diestro shot him with his M16 rifle along with his "drinking buddy," PO1 Paparon. The moral of the story: One, do not engage in a gunfight when you are drunk (because alcohol slows your reflexes and reaction time). Two, do not pick a fight with someone with a sub-machinegun, especially when you only have a pistol.

Reading the media reports, one also gets a sense that outside Iloilo city limits it's a "Wild Wild West" out there. Once in a while, you hear stories of brutal murder, rape and even aswangs coming from the "Interior," as Ilonggos refer to the towns outside Iloilo City. Incidents like these are, well, not naman frequent but it occurs regularly. And it takes so little to spark a fight when people have imbibed alcoholic spirits: a careless glance, singing My Way, a simple remark would already send fists flying, knives slashing and guns blazing. Some Ilonggo males, like he three police officers who engaged in that shooting match, have a surfeit of testosterone. As Tagalogs say, "nasobrahan sa tapang."


Gabz said...

Perhaps they ambition to be action stars.

vic said...

When you bear arms, chances are you're going to use them. I love to see back the good old days when true "real" men will set up a venue, time and mode of duel to settle their differences. Not one with assault rifle blazing, against drunks with pistols. The outcome is predictable.