Monday, November 20, 2006

He Who Is More Committed Wins

I watched the delayed telecast of the Pacquiao-Morales fight over at ABS-CBN yesterday and I was completely impressed by Manny's performance. There is no other way of describing the fight: he totally out-classed and demolished Morales. (It's good Pacquiao ended the fight in the 4th Round though because if it lasted 12 Rounds I think the people's patience would have been really tested because of all those commercials).

You have to hand it to Pacquiao: he is not only a talented but more importantly, a disciplined fighter. During the pre-fight broadcasts, Manny's rippling muscles and lean physique was a clear indication that he really trained hard and sacrificed a lot to attain top form. In contrast, Morales looked weaker and not as "well-chiseled" as during their second match in Las Vegas. A news photo I saw also showed that Morales gained a lot of weight after their 2nd fight, which may expain partly why it was harder for him to regain his old form. Without a doubt, si Pacquiao "ang mas ara sa condisyon" between the two.

Both fighters are naturally-gifted boxers and are about evenly-matched in terms of skills and ring experience: Pacquiao is a powerful, knock-out puncher while Morales is a wily fighter and an excellent counter-puncher. And in a game where both are evenly matched, it is training and preparation, committment and perseverance that will ultimately make a difference. The Pacquiao-Morales Fight Part III to me proved that "He Who Is More Committed Wins."

Hopefully, this latest victory will silence his detractors who have been claiming that success had gone to Manny's head. I, for one, initially thought that financial success will make Pacquiao "soft." On the contrary, Pacquiao remains committed to his craft and (as his latest fight bore out) even improved as a boxer. We should therefore not begrudge him for savoring the fruits of his labor (such as when he bought a Porsche and built a mansion) because he works hard for it. And far from making him "mellow down," success has in fact made Pacquiao more committed as ever to improving his skills in boxing.


gladita said...

Wagi na naman mga Pinoy! And if Manny decides to buy any car he wants, he definitely earned it. Gakakibulon man na guru guya nya magpasumbag ay. Hehehe....However, I must say that he should just stick to what he does best, which is boxing. I can forgive him for wanting to sing. Bakal lng da ya ang gusto mamati sa tingog nya. But please Manny, don't even think of running for any political post no matter how well meaning you are. Not that I underestimate his capacity but I think those politicians are just going to ride on his popularity. He'll do a great service to his country by being a sports hero than by being a politician.

Anonymous said...

hi sir,
i lifted this particular item for your usual spot in the guardian. hope its okay with you.. hehehe
F. Angelo

Iloilo City Boy said...

All this talk about Pacquiao running for public office I think should not be raised at this point because it serves to spoil his moment of victory. Please let us not condemn the man at his moment of triumph. There will be time enough for that if and when Pacquiao decides to file his certificate of candidacy. But for now, let us be proud and bask in the glory of his convincing win over Morales.

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