Tuesday, November 14, 2006

STL No Go in Capiz

A warrant of arrest has been issued against Mia Gonzalez, a journalist who writes for Newsbreak Magazine and Business Mirror, by virtue of a libel case that First Gentleman Mike Arroyo filed against her two years ago for her story entitled "Will She Now Change?." Newsbreak Magazine has issued a statement deploring the "surprise" arrest warrant and those interested can read Gonzalez's alleged libelous article here which was published on June 7, 2004 (under her nom de plume Concepcion Paez) .


As I have said, the coming elections in Iloilo City will have national repercussions and there are already reports that MalacaƱang is "very interested" in the outcome of our polls here. Citing anonymous sources in the Palace, THE GUARDIAN Newspaper reports that no less than President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo called up Secretary Raul Gonzalez Sr. when she heard about Drilon's impending candidacy in Iloilo City (read more here). The same anonymous source claimed that “the President vowed to spend money against Drilon’s candidacy in Iloilo.”

Most media practitioners in Iloilo are also sore at Drilon basically because hindi marunong "maglambing," such as this local columnist who wrote:

"On another occasion, three Ilonggo mediamen waited for more than one hour to see him in his Senate office. He never let them in. When finally he went out to go to the session hall, he told the visitors, “Just proceed to the session hall and listen to me there.”

While campaigning for reelection in 2001, he called for a press conference at the airport. He ordered batchoy—for himself. The invited mediamen just “ate” his words."


Senator Mar Roxas reportedly is angry after finding out that his political lieutenants are planning to approve the entry of STL (Small Town Lottery) in Capiz without his prior clearance. The young senator is not called the "Political Kingpin of Capiz" for nothing: upon learning about Mar's stance, Governor Bermejo called up all his mayors and ordered them to desist from campaigning for STL. Earlier, 12 out of the province's 16 mayors issued a joint statement "interposing no objection" to the operation of STL in Capiz. But now, with just one signal from Senator Roxas, every LGU leader suddenly is mum on STL. And quite right too - while I am not against gambling per se, I do not believe in STL because it takes money away from the poor. I would rather want to see a casino set up in Panay because it takes only (well, mainly) the money of the rich and the foreign tourists.


Now, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago is saying that she is "too young to be Chief Justice. Earlier she said she is willing to pose naked for the SC post. Ano guid bala gusto mo Inday Miriam? Daw ma-buang na kami sa imo!


gladita said...

grabe na gid kainit sg pulitika a. any news kun sin-o mabunggo sa mga garin sa 1st district?

Iloilo City Boy said...

With school magnate Jaime Torres dead (of sickness), it seems no one has emerged strong enough to seriously challenge the Garins in the 1st District.