Friday, January 05, 2007

Mother Claims Aswang Killed Her Daughter

THE Guardian, a local daily in Western Visayas, today has this most intriguing news report from Antique province entitled "Witch Killed My Daughter" written by their correspondent Albert Mamora:

HAMTIC, Antique – Mystery shrouds the death of a 13-year-old girl in a village here amid speculations that an aswang or flesh eating ghoul may have snuffed her life away. Estelita Adrada, 48, of Brgy. Asluman here had the shock of her life when she discovered her eighth child April Rose already lifeless inside their nipa hut early morning yesterday.

What shocked Estelita more was the wound on April Rose’s lower right jaw as if an animal bit her face off (see photo). Bruno Adrada, 24, April Rose’s elder brother, said April Rose was already feeling ill days before. Instead of eating a full dinner, April Rose only took bread and milk because of the fever and headache she contracted. Estelita said she was hugging her daughter while they were sleeping because the latter was not feeling well. All went well inside the Adrada residence until 4am yesterday when Estelita felt April Rose already cold and not moving.

The caretaker of a nearby beach resort home said their three dogs were barking at the Adrada house between 10pm and 11pm Wednesday but he did not see anything unusual in the area. Dr. Maria Eva Pacificador, Hamtic municipal health officer, who conducted an initial autopsy on April Rose’s remains, said the victim died between 10pm Wednesday and 1am Thursday.

Read the rest of the story here.


Anino said...

Anong latest findings sa biktima?

Anino said...

sinamak said...

I know that it's been more than a year since this topic; "Mother Claims Aswang Killed Her Daughter" But I can't help not to give my two cents. With all due respect to the family of the deceased.
Sa akon nga opinion daku nga posibilidad nga ang kinamatay sang bata nga ini (suno sa iya nga sintuma)ang ginatawag nga; "Flesh-eating Disease" INPORMASYON :
Kabay nga naka hatag ini sang pag-paathag ug kabay nga naka hatag sang sabat sa daku nga pamangkot sa natabu sa makalulu-oy nga kahimtangan sang bata nga ini. Masubo, nga 2008 nakita subong kag ang pag pati sa aswang, mapag-on pa sa aton nga painu-ino, ara pa gihapon.

Anonymous said...

the government should hire all the aswang and send them fighting NPA and muslim rebels or send them to Gaza to retrieve OFW. wala man di aswang sa london. kadto ko sa america, wala man. nami tani ba, mahal plete sa eroplano. he! he!

Top 5 said...

My Top 5 Infectious Monsters...

5. Aswang
4. Zombie
3. Werewolf
2. Vampire
1. ?????