Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pictures of the New Iloilo Airport

Last week I got my first glimpse of the new Iloilo Airport and I would like to share some of the pictures I took here:

Basically, the airport facility looks and feels like the PAL Terminal 2 in Manila: spacious, airy and clean. There are also coffeeshops and stores where one can make last-minute pasalubong shopping inside the terminal.

If you ask, people will generally say that the new airport is about 30 minutes away from Iloilo City but it took me about an hour to travel from Villa, Iloilo City to the airport which is located in the boundary of Sta. Barbara and Cabatuan towns. So as a rule, it is best to allot at least one hour travel time before your flight because traffic in Iloilo City sometimes could get worse especially during rush hours.


Anonymous said...

Why not Internationally receiving direct flight from Singapore?????

This helps the economics much better. Meaning, not having to pass through 2 spots means business will be direct and things will be cheaper.

braggito said...

The design is similar to DVO International. Silk Air only lands at Davao and Cebu FYI.

lotterypk said...