Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Wedding in Bacolod

Last week I went to Bacolod City to attend the wedding of a high school buddy - one of the last in our batch to get hitched. It was tiempo muerte when I arrived in Bacolod; the sugar centrals in Negros were idle, the canefields fallow and people are generally more "relaxed" (for want of a better word). My friend's wedding became a sort of a mini-reunion of my high school barkada in Don Bosco-Victorias, many of whom I haven't seen in years. After the wedding, our group decided to have a night out at Piazza Sorrento (located at the corner of Lacson and 13th Street) which seems to be the new "in" place in Bacolod City. When we arrived, Sorrento was packed: aside from locals there were also many Koreans and a sprinkling of Caucasian-looking people. The crowd at Piazza Sorrento would put Malate or Timog to shame. You have to hand it to the Negrenses - they do know how to have a good time.

The following day I went on a "pilgrimage" trip to Victorias Milling Company to visit old friends and to see once again the place where I grew up. I then went to the VMC Golf Course to play some golf but it was drizzling so I wasn't able to play. Still, I was able to get some goods shots of the course here:

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Manila Bay Watch said...

Wow, ganda!

Haven't been to Bacolod in ages - since I was 16 I think or before I left the country for good.

I met a group of Belgian women here a month ago or two at the Brussels Environmental Week Expo. Their group is an NGO and apparently, they do this sort of thing regularly in Pinas.

They were on their way to Negros to "help" the sugar planting community. Didn't quite understand how they would do it but I was impressed by their determination to do something good - the girls were pretty and I told myself they might be putting themselves in harm's way. But really hope not. They'll be there for a year living with the poor farm folks.

(Btw, this is Hillblogger!)