Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jed Mabilog’s “Dungan” is Weak

Last Sunday I was listening to the radio blocktime program of Panay News publisher Danny Fajardo over Aksyon Radyo. His guests were, as usual, Vice Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog and Councilor Julienne “Jam Jam” Baronda who are running for mayor and vice mayor respectively under Team Palangga ticket. Although they are running-mates, Mabilog is running under the Noynoy-Mar banner of the Liberal Party while Jam Jam is supporting Joseph Estrada of the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino (PMP). In the middle of the program, Mr. Fajardo interrupted their on-air chat to interview a former housemaid of Korina Sanchez. Upon the able prodding of Mr. Fajardo, the maid (who is obviously a disgruntled former employee) proceeded to say a lot of awful things about Korina which I will no longer amplify in this column. Suffice it to say that listening to the maid’s “testimony” was enough to make Mr. Fajardo exclaim “manyak gali na si Korina!” (Korina is such a sex maniac!)

The segment was obviously a demolition job paid for by political operators of Loren Legarda not really to destroy Korina Sanchez (who was her former colleague at ABS CBN) but more to convince voters not to vote for Mar Roxas. As of now, all surveys state that Roxas leads Legarda by a wide margin and the conventional wisdom is that the election for the Vice Presidency is but a mere formality. So I am not really surprised that the Legarda camp is coming out with a last-ditch effort to erode Mar’s ratings by attacking his new bride Korina Sanchez. That is par for the course in politics. What I actually found more surprising is Jed Mabilog’s reaction (or more appropriately, “non-reaction”) to the black propaganda against Korina Sanchez.

Jed Mabilog is the standard bearer of the Liberal Party in Iloilo City and Korina Sanchez is the wife of his vice president, Mar Roxas. The least he could have done was to say something in defense of Korina (i.e. “that’s all in the past, Danny”) or if he was unable to find the words ("naunahan dungan niya") he could have chosen to walk out of the interview to register his disgust. But while Korina’s reputation was being ravaged by Danny Fajardo, Vice Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog just stood by and watched. He just sat there and listened while the wife of his vice president was being bludgeoned on air. And after the 30-minute or so anti-Korina propaganda, Danny and Jed carried on with their on-air interview like nothing happened. All I can say to Mar Roxas is: with allies like Jed, you do not need enemies. Instances like this and countless other occasions have led me to the conclusion that Jed Mabilog lacks the “spine” to become a good mayor. Not only does he lack the brains but more importantly he lacks the guts to become a truly exceptional mayor. Just imagine if say Secretary Raul Gonzalez or USec. Larry Jamora was Mr. Fajardo’s guest and it was Nikki Teodoro who was being subjected to black propaganda. I am quite sure that Secretary Gonzalez would let his objections be heard (to put it mildly) and even reprimand Danny Fajardo on-air for his un-gentlemanlike behaviour.

Another example that could give us an insight into the character of Mabilog is the recent incident in Barangay Kasing-Kasing wherein the barangay chairwoman (who was pro-Gonzalez) tried to stop the caucus of Team Palangga because they did not ask for prior permission. Harsh words, verbal threats were exchanged and when someone threw a big rock at the contending camps, the meeting was halted. I was told that Mabilog that night was already on his way to Barangay Kasing-Kasing to join his Palangga team-mates but, upon being told that there was trouble brewing there by his advance staff, decided not go there anymore. Again, naunahan na naman dungan niya. Now imagine again if it was Secretary Gonzalez who found himself in that exact same situation. Knowing the old man’s character, I am quite sure that he would have proceeded to Kasing-Kasing knowing that his mere presence would have calmed the hotheads and restore order.

In other words, Secretary Gonzalez may be old and weak but everyone can see that his spirit, his “dungan,” is still very strong. You can see and feel it when the old man enters the room - everyone instinctively stops talking and automatically stand up in deference to him. Despite his advanced age, Gonzalez still inspires respect and commands fear both from opponents and supporters alike. He intellectually dominates any discussion and can convince people to do what he wants. Jed Mabilog on the other hand may be younger and more energetic than Gonzalez, but everyone can see that his “dungan” is weak. Pirmi lang siya kakaunahan dungan. Unlike Gonzalez, Mabilog could not intellectually dominate a debate or even just a small tableside discussion. He also does not inspire fear and command respect from the people. Far from it, people often ridicule him as “agi” (gay) not really because he likes to have sex with men but more because of his “wishy-washy, showbiz-style” and “so eager to please the public” type of politics.

If you look at Arsenio Lacson and Alfredo Lim of Manila, Rudy Duterte of Davao City, Jesse Robredo of Naga City, Bayani Fernando of Marikina City, Tommy Osmena of Cebu City, Roding Ganzon of Iloilo City and all the other great mayors past and present, they all have one thing in common: a very strong “dungan.” They were men of strong will and indomitable spirit – mga “dunganon nga tawo.” A mayor’s job often involves making people to do something they don’t want to do and a good mayor is one who is never afraid to make unpopular decisions if it would eventually result in the greater good of his city. Ermita would have still been a red light district, Marikina would still have been a squatter’s haven , Naga and Cebu City would still have been a sleepy provincial city if Mayors Lim, Fernando, Robredo and Osmena listened to detractors and other “bleeding-heart” groups. And Jed Patrick Mabilog, I am sorry to say this, doesn’t fit the mold of the “dunganon nga tawo” and he just doesn’t have the right stuff to become a good mayor of our city.


Anonymous said...

I beg to disagree, granting arguendo that Jed is gay, gina "unahan siya dungan" or wanting of it, by the accounts of events you described.

Being a gay, it does not mean nga "naga kaunahan ka dungan" No. We have lots of gays in politics, business, and enterainment world that
have been in the national limelight coz of their strength(KAISUG, KABAKOD, and KABALAKA" Pitoy Moreno,
US Congressman Barney Frank, etc.

The fact is, Jed has none of these.

He has no backbone. Just take his decision to abstain in the ordinance calling for the creation of Iloilo city college. What a crap!Now, even the real gays and lesbians among the high school and college students will not dare to support him for preventing them to enjoy a lowered, if not free tuition college education in the near future.

Ang pag ka agi, ukon tungog kay ang isa, isa matuod ka babae, is
not a bar to a higher office. It is
trivial, but deceitful if one is
hiding from the veil of secrecy.

Say it Jed. So what if you are gay!

Anonymous said...

From all sources, this blogger predict that Gonzalezes will win
in Iloilo City and the presidential candidates willl divide the Ilonggo votes, but manny will not top in the counting, but Gibo is the man.

Raul Gonzalez secreat weapons will catapult this aging,but strong willed former justice secretary at the helm of the New City hall of the Ilonggos.
Frank Magno