Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Letters of Nicholas Loney (17)

Letter No. 17


April 30th, 1859

My dear Father,

I have received yours and Annie’s letters and am very much obliged indeed for them. At present if I am to catch this vessel I cannot reply or write you anything in particular, but will do so by an early opportunity. I at present merely wish principally to save the mail to tell you that Father Ceberio, who orders the organ, wishes that it should be so constructed that the organist can see the priest while playing; and not be seated with his back to the priest and congregation. In Spain it is the custom for the organist to be seated so as to be able to see the priest when celebrating Mass at the high altar. I suppose this matter could be managed by Mr. Walker. Father Ceberio says that other priests have told him that if this turns out well they will order other organs also.

I am now loading the British barque “Camilla” for Australia. Matters in that direction are going on well enough, but in the piece-goods line I am likely to lose some money owing to the failure of a debtor. An awkward amount, but not enough to swamp me. Will write you more fully soon – I hope Mother’s health has continued to improve. I will write to Robert soon. Tomorrow we are going over to Guimaras, with the Captain of the “Camilla” who is a very decent fellow, on a sort of picnic. With best love to all

Your affectionate son,


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