Monday, May 29, 2006

Iloilo City's New Tagline

Iloilo City has a new tagline: "The Next Big Thing." The line won the city government's tagline contest. A columnist for the Guardian, Tara Katherine Yap, claims that the new tagline doesn't quite capture the real image and "soul" of Iloilo City. What do you think?

Meanwhile, a confetti parade is being readied along Ayala Avenue for the returning members of the First Philippine Mt. Everest Team, led by Ilonggo Art Valdez. Well done. You do our country proud!


The Lapidary said...

Iloilo City has miserably become a nonentity even in the Visayas Region alone. Kahit nga lang sa mga lugar na nasa Mindanao Region, hindi rin uubra ang Iloilo City.

In terms of tourism, it has long been overtaken by Tagbilaran City, Caticlan Municipality, Davao City, General Santos City, Cebu City...the list could go on.

Wala na rin ibubuga ang Iloilo City even in the field of music. Dati-rati, napapakinggan pa sa Manila-based radio stations ang mga awiting sinulat at kinanta ng mga Ilonggo artists. Pero ngayon, hindi na. Panay mga Cebuano at mga Visayan-speaking residents ng Mindanao ang namamayagpag sa Philippine music scene, particularly sa rock music.

In terms of infrastructure, talo din ang Iloilo City. Almost five years na akong hindi nakabalik diyan prior to December 2005--and when I visited Iloilo City that time--ang papangit at ang sisikip pa rin ng mga thoroughfares. Ang tinatawag nilang "Diversion Road," iyan sana DATI ang pinakamalaking pag-asang i-develop sa pamamagitan ng pagpapalawak. With efficient and competent urban planning, it could have been Iloilo City's version of the Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue in Metro Manila. Pero hindi na mangyayari 'yan ngayon dahil puno na mga commercial establishments (na panay mga bars/gimikan) ang both sides ng nasabing highway.

In terms of education, hindi na rin masyadong kilala ang Iloilo City--except probably for the fact it is one of the locations where the University of the Philippines has a campus. In Manila, hindi kilala ang West Visayas State University, University of San Agustin, Central Philippine University, St. Paul University, et cetera. Mas sikat pa nga ang Silliman University sa Dumaguete, Xavier University sa Cagayan De Oro, at Mindanao State University sa Marawi City!!! Nakakapanglumo.

Is that "The Next Big Thing?"

Malayo sa katotohonan.

Baka "The Next Big Illusion" pwede pa.

Anonymous said...

That's the pessimistic thinking of a gloomy mind.
The Next Big Thing about you? Hehehe...better to sweep the litters around your community para makatulong ka naman sa kapwa mo!

Anonymous said...

The above comment is intended to CJ Panila with a crooked and jackass mind!

Anyway, we will still strive for the betterness of our place.

ilongga said...

i have to agree with the guy cj...iloilo has relegated to something "small" for the past 2 decades. a pessimist is far different from a realist. go compare iloilo to its neighbors these days and you'd know what reality is. iloilo as the next big thing? basi pwede. but, first, you have to accept that what the other guy said is reality-based. he apparently is just playing the devil's advocate. peace to y'all.

Braggito said...

I think that “The Next Big Thing” slogan of Iloilo will only remain until Jerry TreƱas’ term ends. Just like the “Matahom Ka Iloilo” slogan of the then Mayor Mansing Malabor. A classic example of “Ningas Cogon” attitude so nobody should take slogan like this seriously.

Iloilo is a very conservative society and it still adheres to “Padrino System”. You could not get a job unless you have a backer. Jobs available to fresh graduates are only as baggers or cashiers at SM and Gaisano. That’s why you could not blame fresh graduates who go to Manila for employment. In Manila, they can be hired on their own merits.

Investors do not have confidence in Iloilo because people are afraid to spend their money. Have you noticed the mushrooming of banks but there’s no progress. You’ll be away from Iloilo in 5-10 years but it will always look the same, crowded streets, dilapidated buildings, hunted houses and squatters along Iloilo River.

Ilonggo people should change their attitude if they wanted to realize their dream. Most of the Ilonggos are “TIKALON” nga wala man may ibuga. They’re all talk but they don’t do anything to improve themselves. They’re also mean.