Saturday, May 27, 2006

Is Population a Problem?

The population issue was in the news recently because GMA claimed that our population growth rate has gone done from 2.3% to 1.94%. She was criticized in the press for making an incorrect projection based on erroneous data.

A check with the PopCom website reveals that Western Visayas is well below the national population growth rate. Here are some interesting figures from PopCom:

1. Region 6 has an average population growth rate of 1.56% (the national average growth rate is 2.36%). At this rate, population in the region will double in 44 years (the national average is after 35 years).

2. In some Western Visayas cities, the population growth rate is negative. Silay City has a -2.76% growth rate while Sipalay City registered a -0.54 growth rate.

3. San Carlos City has the highest population growth rate at 3.34% followed by Talisay City which has a 3.17% growth rate.

4. Iloilo City by far has the highest population density rate in the region with 6,542 persons per square km. followed by Bacolod City with 2,748 persons per

Kudos to the PopCom Region 6 people for a job well done! Congrats also to all Ilonggos who know how to practice responsible parenthood and family planning.

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