Saturday, July 01, 2006

JVO Investigative Journalism Awards

Congratulations to my batchmate and fellow Cervinian Dax Lucas for winning in the recently-concluded 2006 JVO (Jaime V. Ongpin) Investigative Journalism Awards. His Philippine Daily Inquirer news article on the CAP pre-need controversy (which he co-authored with PDI reporter Elizabeth Sanchez) won 2nd place for the Investigative Reporting (Daily News) category. Dax used to work for TODAY newspaper, joining the Inquirer as a business reporter when TODAY was swallowed by Manila Standard. Aside from being an excellent business news writer, Dax is also an avid fencer and was a former member of the Philippine National Fencing Team (back when Richard Gomez was also into fencing).

My wife, who writes for Newsbreak Magazine, was also one of the finalists under the Investigative Reporting (Non-Daily Category) although she did not win this year. But I am proud to say that her articles get nominated to the JVO Finals almost every year eversince she first joined Newsbreak in 2001. Her two investigate reports, "Barber's Cut" and "Tony's Fortune," won 2nd and 3rd Place respectively in 2003. In 2004, her "Reclaming Land, Tony Leviste Style" was likewise nominated. This year, her investigation into the involvement of military intelligence agents in the Mt. Diwalwal gold mining industry entitled "Guns and Gold" again made it into the top 5 JVO finalists.

Newsbreak's Gigi Go, who wrote "Cheats, Inc.," won 2nd place (Non-Daily Category) this year, losing out to PCIJ's Luz Rimban who wrote about the use of government funds during the last 2004 elections. For the complete list of JVO Winners and Finalists, go here.

Over at the World Cup, Germany defeats Argentina, 4-2. Read more here. "Don't cry for me Argentina........"

Meanwhile in Iloilo City, the First National Conference on Tricycle Transportation Management is currently being held at the Amigo Terrace Hotel here.
Organizers claim that 84 percent of Filipinos use tricycles as their primary mode of transportation.
A photo of a typical tricycle in the Philippines.


Anonymous said...

Funny, how Pinoys so crazy about awards, such as journalism, which in my view is useless; other than the Pulitzer or Nobel is just an ego booster. Fox news is one Media organization that doesn't allow its works or reports and newscast submitted for any awards of any kind. and prohibits its staff and employee for accepting any. It divert the purpose and slant the individual aim of a media person to pattern his/her work for the attention of the award committee instead of what it should be..

Iloilo City Boy said...

It is probably because Fox News is not exactly Pulitzer or Nobel-prize winning material. They could probably win if Pulitzer will give an award for TV Tabloidism, Sensationalism and Bigotry.