Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pacman vs. Superman

As expected, Manny Pacquiao won over Oscar Larios in a convincing 12th round TKO. Watching the delayed telecast over ABS-CBN Channel 2, I have to say that I pitied Larios who was totally outclassed and beaten to a pulp by Pacman. PDI Sports columnist Recah Trinidad was right all along: Larios was a sacrificial lamb. Recah even went further to call Larios a sacrificial "corned beef" (supposedly because lamb is expensive). But I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Araneta Coliseum was full. It seems that the naysayers were mistaken in saying that the Pacquiao-Larios would be a dud and that event-organizers will lose money in this enterprise.

In the weeks leading to the fight, TV Patrol reporter Dyan Castillejo bombarded the public with 'PR pieces masquerading as news reports' almost every night. Too 'hard sell' - I found it irritating. (And what's with all the Ruffa Guiterrez 'reportage' lately? Like the one which said that in case she divorces with Yilmaz she will get 50 kilos of gold - she gives a literal meaning to the word 'gold-digger.' Kahit hindi newsworthy, both GMA and ABS-CBN always have something on about her.)

Anyway, I feel that Pacquiao is getting too greedy, what with his numerous TV commercials and endorsements. The boxer-turned-entrepreneur is all over the airwaves nowadays and is being referred to as "Money" Pacquiao already. When they nicknamed him 'Pacman,' I didn't expect he would take it literally to mean that he can just gobble up and accept every ad endorsement offer that comes his way.

Lastly, ticket prices were too pricey. Pacman's core fans, the masa, for whom the match is supposedly for, could not afford it. Organizers should have read this entertainingly honest blog entry of Manila Vanilla before organizing the event.

Incidentally, the Pacquiao-Larios fight coincided with the showing of "Superman Returns" in Philippine theaters. I watched the movie last Saturday with my family and I was surprised to see the long lines at Robinson's Mall. I can't remember the last time I ever lined up for a movie so it is safe to conclude that "Superman Returns" will be a big hit. I won’t discuss the plot so as not to spoil the fun for those who haven’t seen it yet. I will only allow myself to say the movie's most memorable line: "The son becomes the father and the father becomes the son." Superman Returns is a must-see movie for all ages. Here are some pictures I downloaded from the net:

David Routh looks uncannily like Christopher Reeve, "kiss-me" and all. Kung sa Ilonggo pa, "naga-agaw agaw hitsura nila nga duwa."

Kevin Spacey gave a solid performance as evil-genius Lex Luthor and stole the show from Superman-Routh. I wish Spacey was given more 'air-time' in the movie though.
Youngish-looking Director Bryan Singer, who gave up directing X-MEN 3 to work on Superman Returns, scores big with this movie. This is Singer's 'Lord of the Rings.' I look forward to watching more of his movies. X-MEN's loss is Superman's gain. (All Photos courtesy of MSN movies.)

The box-office returns for both the Larios-Pacquiao fight and "Superman Returns" are not in yet but I am very interested to know who won, Pacman or Superman?

Over at the World Cup, France defeats Brazil, 1-0 yesterday. After Argentina, Brazil becomes the second South American country to fall to the mighty European superpowers this week. More here.


postigo luna said...

i'm worried that pacquiao might lose focus. if he can avoid that happening, then I say go for the endorsements! Michael Jordan did it; Grace Park is doing it; heck, even Maria Sharapova (who once called herself the Anti-Anna, obviously twitting anna kournikova for being a top endorser while only being a middling athlete) is doing it.

We may not be too conscious of it, but pacquiao is blazing a very different trail. He is the first filipino boxer who has parlayed his ring successes into commercial gains. Other filipino champion boxers ended up in penury - like navarette, for instance. What pacquiao is doing is actually liberating for many would-be pugilists.

Sana nga lang, wag siya ma-walan ng focus. Sayang naman if he sells out totally.

Dominique said...

Then there's the general tendency to turn a winner -- any winner -- into a local messiah. Sigh.

On a more upbeat note, what really got me in the Superman film was Lex Luthor brushing his teeth in his bathrobe. Hilarious!

Iloilo City Boy said...

Pacquiao for Senator in 2007 (he has the money and name-recall)? Hell, why not president for 2010... Yun talaga mag-mimigrate na ako sa Canada.

melai said...

thanks for linking me :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

And you guessed I'm Dutch. Click
Pacquiao for Senator? why not? If you're in Canada you'll probably find out that the only qulification needed to run for the Federal Parliament is that "You are a qualified voter on election day, not serving a prison sentence, and not being discharged from bankuptcy, and not prohibited by law (meaning the officers of Election Canada Or Comelec in your case). But then it is up for us voters still to send the best of them to the Parliament.

jorge said...

It's not the rabid comic book fan boy in me - I know it's not - but I was disappointed with the movie. I think Singer missed the whole point of Superman in leaving off key points in the story that would hve gone a long way in developing the character... but that's just me.

Ga agaw agaw gid man ila hitsura, may mga times nga daw masinggit ko "buhi si Christopher Reeve! :p

HILLBLOGGER & Hillblogger2 said...


"Pacquiao for Senator in 2007 (he has the money and name-recall)? Hell, why not president for 2010... Yun talaga mag-mimigrate na ako sa Canada."

kulas said...

When a champion boxer's glory days are over, it is trully over. Good for Pacman to make the most money he can while the making is good. Besides, he is not taking anything away from any of us. In fact he is giving back!

Getting your brains bashed out of you is risky business. What a way to make a living! No pork there whatsoever.

I don't really know Pacman, but a lot of guys here, pinoy and otherwise, think he's great. Some even find inspiration in the guy - from rags to riches, ala Flash Elorde according to a boxing pundit.

But not to worry. It won't take long before the ingeteros root for Pacman's next opponent, true to pinoy form. Now it's how he makes money, next it's what he says (mayabang daw magsalita), then who knows what next.

In any case, I wish Pacman lasting power and hope he stays a champion to the end.

Anonymous said...

"corned beef", because he's from the latin americas, where the bakas abound.

ruffa as literal gold digger, haha. it is expected that the tv stations will only feast on ksps.

and now that recah said that, should we expect pacman to endorse purefoods next? naay!

Anonymous said...

zizou a towering superman!
nietzsche is my real superman!
you cannot see the humility and humbleness in manny pacquiao! he is so MAYABANG!
According to Freddie Roach, manny didnt follow the original gameplan of last Sunday's match.
Manny Pacquiao is not a sportsman!HE HAS A THINKING OF A MAFIA!!!
Pacquiao is surrounded by a mafiosi type group, no wonder he's family is fed by a mafiosi type of business!!!