Saturday, July 22, 2006

Philippine SME Success Stories (Part 2)

Aklan's Boneless Bangus
Spouses Roberto and Reva Grace Sazon started making and selling plain and smoked boneless bangus (milkfish) in June 2000. It instantly gained wide market acceptance in Aklan because of its distinct flavor and taste. Soon, the demand for their boneless bangus increased not only in Aklan but also among distributors in other provinces and in Metro Manila.

When competition among producers of boneless bangus became tight, Mr. Sazon concocted non-traditional marinates to set their product apart. He then invited his family and friends for a taste test of the new flavors.

After getting positive feedback from them, he sold his produce in the local market which became popular among consumers for its unique taste and flavor. Their boneless bangus now comes in honey, barbeque, lemon grass, garlic, calamansi and vinegar flavors. Later, they introduced other preparations in response to other consumer demands like embutidong bangus, spicy flavored bangus, baby split deboned bangus, choiced cuts bangus and bangus belly.

The Sazons are now the proud owners of Aklan's Boneless Bangus - producer of quality and clean bangus which strictly complies with recognized standard for Good Manufaturing Practices and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

At present, the Sazons manage their highly sanitized, well-equipped and organized plant with 45 skilled workers and office staff. They also employ regular workers for their fishpond which supplies milkfish.

Aklan's Boneless Bangus currently produces hundreds of tons of bangus products sold in its outlets in Iloilo and in Metro Manila. It also regularly supplies bangus to big clients like Red Ribbon, Chowking, Max's, SM Supermarkets, Gaisano Group of Companies and Macro Asia to name a few. Their products are also being exported to the US, norway, Japan, Canada and UK.


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