Friday, July 21, 2006

Philippine SME Success Stories

Since July 19 to 23 has been declared "SME SULONG Week" by the government, I will be featuring several SME success stories to hopefully inspire Filipinos to also start their own small businesses. The following stories are to be found in the "SULONG Makes Enterprises Grow" souvenir program that was handed out during the SME Week opening ceremonies.

Nueva Vizcaya

Guillermo Peros, Jr. and Jenet Felipe Peros, both architects and sculptors of wood and clay, began their business primarily as a hobby. However, their love for art and nature, and the desire to keep traditions alive, transformed this hobby into a serious business.

Their creations, which include jars, candleholders, masks, plates, bowls, indoor fountains, garden accessories and art pieces received enthusiastic response from buyers at the very first trade fair they joined, the 2001 Pagayaya Festival, initiated and coordinated by the DTI. They were further encouraged when they joined the Congressional Spouses Foundation Trade Fair where they received "The Most Original Booth" award.

Alsong Potteries's participation in the Panagyaman 2003 (Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Trade Fair) in Boyombong, Nueva Vizcaya brought in P40,000 in cash sales. It took part in the 2003 National Trade Fair where it drew nationwide promotion, exposure, and acceptance. They were featured in Channel 2 and Studio 23 and in both local and national newspapers. All these helped in generating P84,670 cash sales during the fair, plus a hefty P171,275 post-fair sales from five buyers. Their regular buyers now include Tatak Pilipino, Carca International, Porwasa Sirinupongs. They also receive orders from specialty stores, antique shops, art galleries and boutiques.

Its most recent client is the coffee shop in one of the best known hotels in Nueva Vizcaya, the Saber Inn Hotel and Restaurant. A clear mark of distinction is the firm's inclusion in the Nueva Vizcaya Product Catalogue.

Aside from the marketing boost it got from the trade fairs, Alsong Potteries received support from various government agencies. Also, it was able to access loan from Small Business Corporation in the amount of P2 million. Peros also staged a week-long one-man show and exhibit at the Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Museum with the help of the local government unit. It was also referred to the Municipal Government for possible registration as BMBE client.

All this led to assets growth from P300,000 to P1.6 million; rise in average monthly sales from P10,000 to P60,000; increase of production capacity from 30% to 50% with the help of eight full-time workers (from six full-time workers) plus one group sub-contractor.


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