Friday, September 15, 2006

SBMI Recommends Charges vs. SMDC, Petron & Capt. Aguro

The Special Board of Marine Inquiry yesterday concluded its investigation into the Petron Oil Spill and recommended the filing of appropriate charges against Sunshine Maritime Development Corp (SMDC), MT Solar I Captain Aguro and Petron Corporation. SBMI will furnish the Department of Justice a copy of their findings so it can determine the criminal and civil liabilities of Petron, SMDC and the ship captain. The Board also recommended the following measures:

• Rereouting tankers farther from the coastline;
• Establishing a real-time tracking system for ships;
• Making a risk assessment of sea routes and carriers;
• Strategic positioning of tug and salvage equipment;
• Modernizing Coast Guard equipment;
• Institutionalizing oil spill liability;
• Requiring all ships to be double hulled;
• Improving vessel construction;
• A review by Marina of all loadline certifications of tankers;
• Compelling Marina to ensure compliance to its rules and regulations;
• A review by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) to of policies for the issuance of licenses to seamen; and
• Holding ship owners primarily liable and responsible for hiring competent seafarers.

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