Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Malabor Snubs Gonzalez

News reports say that former mayor Mansueto "Mansing" Malabor snubbed Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez during a chance encounter in a coffeeshop in Iloilo City. The two accidentally met at the De Leonian, a coffeeshop located inside the Iloilo Central Market.

Long before Starbucks, Figaro or Seattle's Best, Iloilo City already had The De Leonian. The De Leonian coffeeshop has been standing for as long as I can remember and has been a favorite hangout of local politicians and mediamen for years. If you want to hear the juiciest gossip and the latest politicial developments in Iloilo, go to the De Leonian. The ambiance is not quite like Starbucks to say the least (it's inside a wet market!) but people don't go there for the gastronomic experience but mainly for gossip. At least after finishing your coffee and ensaymada, you have the option to buy a pound of pork or a kilo of chicken at the Central Market if you want.


Seven months after the tragedy, Petron announced that it has hired the Singapore-based firm Sonsub to extract the remaining oil inside the ill-fated tanker M/V Solar I . The date of the extraction was set on March 14. But Guimaras Governor Rahman Nava is still waiting for the release of the P800 million relief fund that was promised to rehabilitate his province.


It seems that Congressman Allan Peter Cayetano is not the only candidate having problems with another senatorial candidate having a similar-sounding name as him. I received this text message today: Question for COMELEC: If you write SONIA on the ballot, will your vote be credited to ROCO? ..... or to OSME√ĎA?

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