Friday, March 30, 2007

The Die is Cast!

Alea Jacta Est! (The Die is Cast!). These were the words that Julius Caesar reportedly uttered when he crossed the Rubicon, the river that divided Gaul from Italy, to wage war against General Pompey and the Senate of Rome. By proclaiming “the die is cast,” he coined a phrase that would forever mean that there is no turning back. For many Filipino politicians, March 29 was their Rubicon as they struggled to beat the deadline for the filing of their Certificates of Candidacy in COMELEC.

In many parts of Western Visayas, the fight will mainly be between Lakas and Kampi - parties both identified with the administration. The Liberal Party is expected to put a spirited fight in some areas, particularly in Iloilo province and Capiz while Danding's NPC is the dominant party in Negros Occidental province. Here is the list of candidates that I gathered so far:

Congressional Race:
Rep. Raul Gonzalez, Jr. (LAKAS) vs. former Mayor Mansing Malabor (UNO) vs. former Councilor Benjie Gengos (LP-Drilon Wing).
Mayoralty Race:
Mayor Jerry Treñas (LAKAS) vs. former No. 1 Councilor Joshua Alim (UNO)

Gubernatorial Race: Gov. Niel Tupas (LP-Drilon Wing) vs. Vice Gov. Obet Armada (LAKAS).
Congressional Race:
(1st District) - Rep. Janette Garin vs. Miag-ao Mayor Gerardo Flores;
(2nd District) - Rep. Judy Syjuco vs. Board Member Celia Capadosa;
(3rd District) - Rep. Art Defensor vs. Atty. Zafiro "Boy" Lauron;
(4th District) - Rep. Ferj Biron vs. Dumangas Mayor Rolly Distura;
(5th District) - Col. Enrique "Boy" Suplico vs. Board Member Niel "Jun Jun" Tupas, Jr.

Gubernatorial Race:
Gov. Carlito Marquez (Tibyog) vs. Mabeth Mobo-Garcia (PDP-Laban) vs. Vicky Ramos vs. Dr. Karen Ambito-Galvan (PMP)
Congressional Race: Rep. Florencio "Joeben" Miraflores (Tibyog) vs. Atty. Anthony Acevedo

Gubernatorial Race: Vice Governor Vic Tanco (LP-Drilon Wing) vs. (no info so far)
Congressional Race:

(1st District) - Roxas City Mayor Tony del Rosario (LP-Drilon Wing) vs. Roxas City Vice Mayor Alan Celino (Kampi) vs. ex-Gov. Jose "Ting" Borda
(2nd District) - Cong. Fredenil Castro vs. Engr. Ernesto Bulilan
Roxas City Mayoralty Race: Governor Vic Bermejo (LP-Drilon Wing) vs. Teresa Hontiveros-Almalbis (Kampi)

Gubernatorial Race: Gov. Joseph Marañon vs. (no info so far)
Congressional Race:
(1st District) - Rep. Tranquilino Carmona (NPC) vs. former Rep. Jules Ledesma
(2nd District) - Rep. Alfredo Marañon III (NPC) vs. (no info so far)
(3rd District) - Rep. Jose Carlos Lacson vs. Reynaldo Depasucat
(4th District) - La Carlota Mayor Jeffrey Ferrer (NPC) vs. Jorge Camposano
(5th District) - Rep. Iggy Arroyo (Kampi) vs. former Rep. Apolinario "Jun" Lozada (LAKAS) vs. Ernesto Librado (Ind.)
(Lone District, Bacolod City) - Rep. Monico Puentebella (Kampi) vs. Vice Mayor Renecito Novero (NPC) vs. Andy Hagad (Ind.)
Mayoralty Race:
BACOLOD CITY - Mayor Evelio Leonardia vs. Retired Bacolod PNP Chief Vicente Ponteras
SILAY CITY - Mayor Carlo Gamban vs. Jose "Oti" Montelibano

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Anonymous said...

Dear Fellow Citizens:

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He is ruining people's lives since pensioners are not getting the money the government owes them. The GSIS, which is tasked to promote the well being of pensioners through the state pension fund, is doing exactly the opposite -- and to do it to the pensioners in their twilight years is plain and simple criminal if not immoral.

Attached is a blog devoted to this issue. It started with the untimigated disaster that occurred in New York City last March 9.

If this could happen to pensioners in the U.S., how much horror must their local counterparts be experiencing? I did some research on the Internet, and I have had enough of Garcia's lame excuses. He is destroying people's lives, and IT IS TIME FOR GARCIA TO GO.

Attached is a blog devoted to GSIS incompetence. Please pass this on to as many people as you can to create a groundswell for his exit from the GSIS. Pressure must be brought to bear upon Macapagal Arroyo to make her realize that it will be politically expensive for her to keep supporting Garcia.