Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Iloilo City Opposition Slate

Here is the final opposition slate in Iloilo City:

For Congressman ..... former Mayor Mansueto "Mansing" Malabor
For Mayor ................ former Councilor Joshua Alim
For Vice Mayor ....... former Councilor Linda Liberiaga
For Councilor:

1. Bert Liberiaga
2. Perla Zulueta
3. Victor Facultad
4. Rolando Dabao
5. Dan Cartagena
6. Boyet Rentoy
7. Joseph Nava
8. Nardy Villanueva
9. Johnny Young
10. Lex Tupas
11. Felix Muchada
12. Florencio Yap

Reports say that the opposition will file their certificates of candidacy on March 29, the last day of filing. Among the notables in the slate are Lex Tupas (son of Governor Niel Tupas), Bert Liberiaga (the husband of vice mayoralty bet Linda Liberiaga), Perla Zulueta (a local mediaperson and incumbent Councilor), Rolando Dabao (likewise a former Councilor and a close relative of actor Ricky Davao) and Victor Facultad (the city's former Vice Mayor and adopted son of the late Iloilo kingpin Nanding Lopez).

It seems that Ma'am Linda, who earlier declared her intention to contest the city's lone congressional seat, has given up on her quest and saw fit to just slide down to Vice Mayor citing that the campaign funding support promised by Mark Jimenez had not arrived. It also seems that Drilon's boy for Congress, Benjie Gengos, has been left out in the cold. Although isolated from the Malabor group, Atty. Gengos is insisting that he is the "anointed one" and refuses to give in to Malabor. Senator Drilon, who is reportedly on a trip abroad, should return posthaste to settle this issue once and for all. It does not look good to see the local opposition bickering over the "spoils" even before the egg is hatched.

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