Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Binay's Last Gambit

Last night, I watched on TV Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay cry political harassment. Binay said that he will camp out at City Hall until the Court of Appeals has ruled on his petition to stop his suspension. In the meantime, a procession of opposition leaders and big crowds of his supporters are trooping to City Hall to show their support for their embattled leader.

What a difference a year makes! If someone told me October last year that Mayor Binay will be taken out of Makati, I would have told that person he's crazy. A year ago that notion was simply not plausible: Makati is Binay, Binay is Makati - his grip on his city is secure and very strong. A year ago the United Opposition was on the offensive: there were protest rallies, the second impeachment complaint, etc. But ever since the Opposition's second impeachment complaint was overwhelmingly defeated ( by158-51 votes) in the House of Representatives, the situation has been reversed. It is now MalacaƱang's turn to put on an offensive by "cracking down" on recalcitrant opposition leaders. Mayor Binay, who is the acknowledged leader and financial patron of UNO and PDP-Laban, will now find himself out of his job if he is not able to get a TRO from the CA.

Watching last night's telecast of the events in Makati, I noticed the conflicting "visual messages" that Binay is sending the public. Appearing calm and confident while answering media questions, Binay is trying to court public sympathy by dismissing the charges as baseless and just plain political harassment. The contrite Binay I saw last night was a far cry from the defiant, belligerent Binay I saw last year. But by wearing military fatigues, he is also sending a message that things could get bloody any moment and/or that he also has a capacity for mayhem. (I also noticed that Binay is wearing a uniform of a Colonel in the Marines... what gives?).

I assume that Binay and his people have a "war room" in City Hall where political strategy, logistical requirements, etc. are discussed and decided. I am not privy to their discusions but I think it is safe to assume that the thought of using the Makati City Hall as a rallying point, as a new "EDSA" so to speak for all anti-GMA forces has been discussed with the embattled Binay acting this time as the Ramos-Enrile of 1986. I believe this could be Binay's last political gambit. The only question is, will the opposition be able to get their acts together for one last push.


saveguimaras said...

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Anonymous said...


I'd like to share you this information I got from my relatives in Aklan with regards to "politics in Kalibo"

The camp of Mayor Raymar Rebaldo(Kalibo), Rep.Joven Miraflores and Gov.Carlito Marquez will be up againts William Lachica(mayorship), Vicky Ramos(Congress) and Retired General Efren Fernandez respectively in the coming May 2007 election.

With the recent ruling on the mayorship of Kalibo, this only shows that Democracy really works in Aklan even Mr.Lachica was a relative of former Manila Archibishop Jaime L. Sin.

Furthermore, retired general Efren Fernandez is related to former congressman Allen Quimpo.

What the present situation now here in "Manilah" reminds me of the time of Corazon Cabagnot before she assumed office.

Iloilo City Boy said...

Thank you for the information.

You mentioned that the situation in Manila reminds you of Cabagnot's time. Would you care to elucidate further?