Saturday, November 18, 2006

Si Lolo Eddie Pa Golf-Golf Na Lang

After (seemingly) giving up on Charter Change, Former President Fidel Ramos is seen taking it easy and "pa-golf golf" lang sa Iloilo. Ramos was here last Thursday (November 16) to do the ceremonial tee-off at the 9th Bamboo Tee Ceremonial Tournament of the Iloilo Golf and Country Club. As an aside, legend has it that golfers in IGCC used to use tees made of bamboo - I don't know if they still do today - hence the tournament name. (I really think we should promote the use of bamboo instead of plastic tees because it is more environment-friendly). The News Today has this photo of the signature Ramos swing complete with jubilant, jumping golf buddies in the background. One look at the photo and I know it was "staged" - I don't think Mr. Ramos typically grins when hitting his drive. Irregardless, it makes for a good photo op and I would like to thank FVR for generating publicity for IGCC.

More commonly known as Sta. Barbara to locals, the Iloilo Golf and Country Club will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year, which makes it the oldest existing golf course in the Philippines and one of the oldest in Asia. The Club is now a certified member of the prestigious Society of 1907, which is comprised of golf courses established in 1907. This means that IGCC members can now play golf at all Society of 1907 member-clubs in the UK for free (I don't think even tony clubs like Manila Golf and Wack Wack can boast of reciprocal playing rights like this). To celebrate its centenary, the Club has lined up a series of activities (see its website for more details).

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Zab Clement said...

Golf is a perfect sport for everybody! My grandpa also plays golf with me at our favorite Golf course in the Philippines